It’s Firkin Time!

Most beer festivals are ginormous drunken wastey pants shows where overly eager adults drink as much beer as they want, and often forget at least 75% of what they actually drank. It’s fantastic people watching from afar, however for the rest of us whom dislike the long lines of relatively unimpressive beer and prefer a more intimate and educational environment there are limited options available these days. So my imaginary Shepard ears perked up when I found out about OrangeRead more

Craft Beer Confuses the Hell Out of Me

About a week ago, a few friends and I went out to a restaurant for drinks after a show. I heard it had a great selection of craft beer, but when I saw the selection of their list I was taken aback. Out of 24 beers on tap, only 2 beers were true independent craft breweries, and 19 of them were listed as craft beers.   I don’t necessarily care if a restaurant has a large selection of buyout beer,Read more


My love for the culinary arts is the reason why I became so fascinated with craft beer to begin with. I am in love with culture, humanity, art, and new experiences. I ran into some bloggers yesterday at the Western Food and Hospitality Expo at the LA Convention Center and they reminded me of the writer I used to be. They write about all of their positive experiences within the craft beer market. I was excited that someone was doingRead more

You Call This Lushious!

Due to little distribution of Founders in California, it’s seldom I have a Founders beer. My first was the KBS, which was indeed epic as one can presume. Thus, once I saw this bad boy at Ramirez Liquor in December last year, I said, “OH MY JESUS, YES!” I’ve been holding onto Big Lushious, a raspberry and chocolate stout — hoping for either the right occasion to share with others and or hoping for the raspberry pure to mellow. Founders hasRead more

Saison Marathon Part 3

Back in March I went to Portland, Oregon for the first time and it was pretty great. I fell in love with their downtown! It was easy to navigate, everything was within walking distance, it didn’t smell like urine (thanks rain!), the people are incredibly friendly, and beer! During my trip, I went to Deschutes’s Brewery Pub and I picked up this new-ish beer called Zarbanda. It’s Deschutes’s newest year-round 22 oz. bottle. It’s a Spanish inspired saison which DeschutesRead more

Saison Marathon Part 2

Jeremy Raub, Ting Su (wife) and Steven Raub (father) launched Eagle Rock Brewing Company in 2009. It was the first LA craft brewery to open in 60 years! Over the last 7 years, this trio has been very active within the craft beer community. I’m fond of them for a couple of reasons … 1) I enjoy their Populist IPA and 2) They have a monthly women’s beer forum. It’s a chance for women to get together and learn more about differentRead more

Saison Marathon Part 1

It’s seldom I order a saison, and it’s not because I don’t enjoy the style, but because I don’t often see it available on draft. Thus I decided to release a series for the next three weeks to sample saisons only. It’s underrated and I really don’t want this style to go extinct. Saisons are a dry, earthy and thirst quenching style which was originally created when water was questionable to drink. Long story short — it was brewed in the fallRead more