Saison Marathon Part 1

It’s seldom I order a saison, and it’s not because I don’t enjoy the style, but because I don’t often see it available on draft. Thus I decided to release a series for the next three weeks to sample saisons only. It’s underrated and I really don’t want this style to go extinct. Saisons are a dry, earthy and thirst quenching style which was originally created when water was questionable to drink. Long story short — it was brewed in the fallRead more

Curly Wolf Tasting

Hey everyone! Sorry that I’ve basically been non-existent, but I’ve had a crazy life lately. I work a lot, but I missed blogging — like a lot.  However fear not my friends! I will now post my weekly tastings of awesome beers. This week for the first-time ever I FINALLY tried the 2014 Curly Wolf Maple Vanilla Imperial Stout. To put it simply, it was a knock-em-dead rich and boozy imperial stout with beautiful lingering notes of maple and vanilla.Read more

Tweaking Craft

First off I’m very excited that it’s been a year since I’ve launched this crazy awesome concept of a blog. In a year I covered 11 events, several style pieces, company bios and more. It’s all-around been very rewarding. I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. However I am quite aware that after I moved to LA, I pretty much went on a hiatus. I did this for several reasons, but most importantly I didn’t want to writeRead more

Top 5 Favorite Advent Calendar Beers

I’d rather not pontificate my favorite beers of the year. I still have a long ways away from trying a significant portion of craft beers to even consider being some kind of craft beer aficionado. So I decided to do something that other beer bloggers weren’t doing — something very expensive but also quite fun. I did a beer advent calendar! So everyday leading up to Christmas I tried a different craft beer ranging from local canned ales to various prestigiousRead more

20k Views Thanks to You!

Greetings beer nerds, beer curious friends and anyone else who finds my website relatively interesting! I tip my cyber hat to you all for being such fantastic supporters. My website recently surpassed 20,000 views! That’s truly fantastic and I have to thank you all for being the lovely people whom you all are. I know it’s been a wee bit since my previous post about the Beer Bloggers Conference, which by the way — WAS FREAKING FANTASTIC. The best part of the entire conferenceRead more

Beer Bloggers Conferences Exist!

There are conferences for just about anyone and anything including agriculture science, restaurants, women, computer software and even… BEER BLOGGERS! For 16 years, Montana-based Zephyr Adventures organized the Beer Bloggers Conference, as well as many other lifestyle conferences including Wine Bloggers Conference and International Food Bloggers Conference. This year’s conference is expected to be held at the Marriott Mission Valley hotel from August 22 through August 24.  Oh yeah, there isn’t just one Beer Bloggers Conference, there are two. There wasRead more

Bargain Bombers

The craft beer industry’s largest demographic of consumers are millennials — 49% to be exact. Why does this matter? Well, most of us are broke, however we value craft in a variety of industries including hand-made jewelry, eco-friendly products and most importantly beer. We would love to lavishly spend $20 on fancy barrel aged beers regularly, but when it comes down to it food > beer. Obviously in most scenarios, buying in bulk is a cost efficient option, however buying in bulk canRead more